Are the Cardinals Back?

Fucking finally ladies and gentlemen: the St. Louis Cardinals have the best third baseman in the league now. Nolan. Fucking. Arenado. It’s been two or three years now since they got Paul Goldschmidt and it has been a long ass couple of years. Yes I know they made the playoffs. Who gives a shit. The goal is to win the World Series, everything else is a failure. And they only made the playoffs because the NL Central is so bad. The Reds and Brewers somehow get hyped up every other year but they always suck. The Cubs are the Cubs and then there is the Pirates. So the Cardinals are +160 to win the division and that should be guaranteed money.

But the Redbirds are +1200 to win the National League and +2400 to win it all….. umm they have a certified ace, two superstars, a solid looking bullpen but the starting pitching behind Flaherty… idk. Now if they go sign Trevor Bauer (he’s gonna make a lot of money somewhere) or even just re-sign Marcell Ozuna (oh fuck yeah) then they will be even more fun to watch and World Series contenders.

I don’t even know how I really feel about this team, but Vegas is not completely sold yet that is for sure. I am going to bet on them to make one or two more moves this offseason and taking the good guys to go back to to the World Series and pop some more champagne. I mean once Molina gets resigned and Pujols comes back via midseason trade, can history write itself any better than Molina, Pujols, and Waino all retiring as World Series Champs.

Well this turned into just me writing my hopes for the team…. that has never let me down before…. oh well. The best part of the last few seasons has been the rumors of getting some superstar and now it happened and I want more

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So here’s to the 2021 season happening and to our future World Series Champs.

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Roll damn tide.

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Goldynado.. no Goldnado.. Paulnado

Yes a “Paulnado” is about to rip thru the MLB. damn I like that

Steroids = Fun Baseball

Barry Bonds. Hall of Fame. What are we even doing anymore???? How can a guy who has the homerun record, almost 3,000 hits, and over 500 SBs not be in the Hall of Fame.

“He cheated”

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Fuck off.

Roger Clemens. Andy Pettite. Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa. Jose Canseco. Jason and Jeremy Giambi. Gary Sheffield. Manny Ramirez. Most of these guys were studs. All of these guys used steroids. None of them as close to the talent and skill level as Bonds.

“But none of these guys should be allowed in the Hall of Fame.”

Barry Bonds never tested positive for PEDs. Oh, it also was not on the banned substance list until 1991 and was not even tested for until 2003…. So for the last five years of his career when they tested for the substance, he never tested positive. Injured for one of those years so the other 4 years combined he hit .313 and averaged 36 homeruns… not bad for an old man

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Meanwhile… Jeff Bagwell who was speculated to have used steroids just based on the time period… because almost every player was using them!!! But he never tested positive… so yeah he can go in the Hall of Fame. Uh MLB??? Total bullshit. Solid player, yes. All-star, some years. Hall of Fame, no. Barry Bonds won 7 MVPs. Fucking 7. This pisses me off so much. Everyone knew they were taking steroids, it was obvious. Just look at pictures of Bonds, McGwire, all of those guys at the start of their career and then the end.

Whatever. But Barry Bonds is a Hall of Famer and if he never gets on, it’s a shame on baseball and an asterisk against the Hall of Fame’s credibility.

Roll damn Tide.

Tua Time….

Kinda. Lol. Tua took 5 snaps maybe 6 on Sunday. But it was enough to get the blood rushing. He looks so damn good in that Dolphins #1.

And he’s 2 for 2 in his career and completed the Dolphins only 3rd down conversion of the game. So basically he’s gonna win about 8 Super Bowls and 10 MVPs.

The Dolphins are so fucking good right now though. I know it’s just the Jets, but it’s also the 49ers, and the Jags. Those teams suck and the Dolphins kicked their asses. Once Tua starts playing, the Dolphins are gonna kick everyone’s asses and it’s gonna be awesome. So it is kinda Tua Time. Oh and Alabama kicked the dog shit out of Georgia. Roll damn Tide.

Flaherty = Lebron

Jack Flaherty is not a superstar of the future for the Cardinals. He IS a superstar right now. The guy mows down hitters anyway possible. In the second half of last season he had a 0.93 ERA and 10.9 K/9. Ended 4th, I think lol, in Cy Young voting.

He’s got a 97 mph fastball and a put away slider that at times is completely un-hittable. He is a fierce competitor and hard worker.

I absolutely love watching him pitch every chance I get. I watch his motivational twitter videos. And on top of that the guy is on top of social justice issues and speaking out for what he believes in. He would be one of the first superstars in baseball to really speak his voice on these matters. This has been something that Lebron and the NBA have been doing it for years. Flaherty could be a Lebron for the MLB and really get the MLB onto the path of speaking out against social injustices. It’ll be interesting to see how he grows as a player and person, and if the MLB uses him to grow the audience and become more popular.

But man I hope he does this as a Cardinal because I don’t want to face him ever.


Well kinda… not until at least the middle of July(for games).

But hey we have a plan for sports to return!! And the Blues have a chance to defend the Cup. Which they will because no one can beat them in a 7 game series.

First of all, Jordan Binnington has ice in his veins and isn’t nervous. Second, Vladimir Tarasenko should be healthy which gives them a fucking huge boost offensively. Like getting a trade deadline addition but they didn’t lose anything. Third, I think this test may help give the Blues some rest as they were looking a little slow at times before the pandemic took over the world. But that’s okay because they were in 1st by a huge margin that got trimmed to 2 points.

The Blues also have Chief leading the boys. And they’re a fucking good hockey team who’s gonna come home with a fucking Stanley Cup.

Let’s Go Blues!

Bye Bye Tagovailoas

A long time ago in Tuscaloosa, AL….

Tua Tagovailoa was the biggest quarterback for Nick Saban ever! Hype so high people thought he would start over, reigning SEC Offensive Player of the year, Jalen Hurts. As we know, that didn’t happen. But he did complete a comeback to win the national championship game. Holy shit what a game that was. Three years ago now… damn.

Then two years later. Tua’s little brother committed to Bama as well… but he was never as hyped as his big brother. With good reason. After watching them both play in Bryant-Denny. Taulia is no where close to talented enough to win a national championship… maybe even to play on Alabama. (I mean Jake Coker was leaps and bounds better)

There was drama with the Tagovailoas at Bama… from their dad saying Tua would have transferred if he didn’t play his freshman year. To the injuries of Tua’s career. To the Jalen vs Tua battle. (I love them both so much) but it has all come to an end. Tua is in Miami (I’m copping a throwback fins jersey for sure). Then Taulia confirmed he can’t play at Alabama by entering the transfer portal… most assumed he would go to Miami but he’s now at Maryland. No surprise considering Mike Locksley recruited Tua as well.

The Tagovailoas are now out of Tuscaloosa. It was fun while it lasted. I’m sure Saban is a little bit relieved, their dad is kind of like the annoying dad on travel baseball teams who talks about his kid all the time.. I’m sure he would have said Taulia should be starting and turn himself into Lavar Ball (except Tua is actually a stud, unlike the Balls and Taulia). Now he can get back to his program his way. But I do wish them both the best of luck in the future. I can’t wait to see Tua in Miami, winning Super Bowls and MVPs.

Roll Tide.

The Blues Key to the Future

The St. Louis Blues have been a force to reckon with for the past decade in the Western Conference. In the top 3 in wins, points, Presidents Cups, and a Stanley Cup.

The main piece of this franchise is Alex Pieterangelo… and it’s really not very close. Yes, Tarasenko can score and O’Reilly is a tough playmaker who is a fan favorite. Then there’s Binnington, and holy shit is that guy a game changer that led them to the Cup. He has ice in his veins that calms the team. Schwartz and Schenn are fun to watch when they are buzzing but are inconsistent.

None of these guys are leaders like Pieterangelo. None of them are as consistent as he has been for the last 10 years. He brings it every damn night. He is definitely not as flashy as really any other player on the team but he is as fundamentally sound as a hockey player can be. Which is why this guy is the captain of the Stanley Cup Champion. St Louis Blues.

With all of this true about Alex Pieterangelo. There is still speculation whether he will be re-signed in free agency…. fuck. If the Blues can’t make that happen, the D will take a huge hit. With Bouwmeester likely retiring, that leaves Dunn and Parayko as the first pair… filth. But Scandella,Borts, Faulk, Mikkola, Gunnarson are a huge drop of in my mind. So the Blues need to make this happen so they can go back-to-back-back after winning the cup once this lockdown is over.

Let’s Go Blues!!

Pro Style College Football

If the NCAA decides not to have a college football season this fall… I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. That is the best time of year for sports and I really don’t think it’s close. Every single game matters and can impact a the championship. The intensity of rivalries is unmatched by any sport. (Duke North Carolina basketball is close) but nothing matched Bama/LSU games or Michigan/Ohio State or those classic Catholic vs Convict games. I mean I don’t know if I can survive without Bama beating Tennessee. The year will seem pointless if that doesn’t happen.

So I have an idea for states that are open and have seen a decrease in Clovis-19 cases enough to have group gatherings. Say Alabama, Ohio, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma are open, they should play a pro style season where the teams who are open to playing games play each other twice(home and home), or just once depending on the amount of teams. If Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio St., LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas are all open for students in the fall, they could create their own league for just this fall season. This allows the athletes who would graduate in the fall semester or go pro after the season to showcase their talents. It’s football they can’t really postpone their careers because of the short longevity of their careers in the first place.

An example of a schedule would be: Alabama @ Clemson, Auburn @ Alabama, Alabama @ Texas, Ohio St. @ Alabama, Georgia @ Alabama, Alabama @ LSU, Alabama @ Florida, Oklahoma @ Alabama, Alabama @ Tennessee, Alabama @ Georgia, Ole Miss @ Alabama, Clemson @ Alabama. Now that would be a fun season of football to watch. Pro style season with only 12 games then the top 4 teams record wise play a playoff to decide the champion. We could get Bama vs Clemson 3 times or Bama/Auburn 3 times. Now that gets the fans involved whether they can be at the games or not. Which I think is a terrific idea for sports not lose fans, which will happen if people go a year or more without any sports at all. But let’s hope for college football this fall in any matter we can get it!